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Thanks for your interest in sharing our content. We are thrilled. But before you do so, here are some general rules to help us keep our relationship in good standing. Please note that all of our content is copyrighted and we operate under © All Rights Reserved clause, which means that if you don’t abide by our usage policies, we have the right to legally pursue you, and of course, no one wants that.

Below are the general guidelines to use our content:

  • Feel free to share links to any of our content on any website or social media channels. We truly appreciate the help of getting Welledge concepts in front of more people.
  • Feel free to reference or quote up to 100 words of any of our text content in your own blog articles and presentations as long as you abide by the content attribution policy below.
  • You cannot copy in full or in part any of our full-text content and our original copyrighted images without our prior consent.
  • We love to know how the Welledge framework is applied around the world by other people and we use Copysentry’s technology to monitor for Welledge’s mentions and to track usages of our content on other websites so we will know if you do not abide by our rules.
  • You cannot monetize on the content we provide you free of charge.
  • You cannot claim our content as your original ideas and publish as your own on your platform.

Content Attribution Policy:

  • Cite Welledge or (the website) as a source
  • Link back to our original source you are referencing

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